Harvey and Mama: Phillip Island Adventure

While Daddy was out racing with his mates, I decided that it would be a good opportunity to have a trip away with Harvey.  There are not many choices of town really nearby to Melbourne for a weekend fun – and in the south East it is either Mornington Peninsula or Phillip Island.  Since we went to Mornington last time with my friend and her son we thought we’d do Philip Island this time.

Prepping for the trip:

I was hoping to stay in a hotel where there is room service and the usual hotel standards as when it comes to a holiday – any cooking and cleaning is completely OFF my agenda.  Unfortunately, there are no usual hotels down there.  The available towns accommodation tends to be more like units / B&B or caravan parks.  I decided on Ramada Resort (1-bedroom studio unit) as it seemed like a family friendly place with playground and indoor pool etc

The studio unit came with full cooking facilities, so being organised as I am (overly so, as my husband would say) I planned all the meals and activities in advance so I don’t have to spend time thinking about it when I am with my son.  The resort had cafes etc but I prefer to do the cooking and some fun with my boy.

Tips* I would totally recommend this approach if you are planning a weekend trip with your little one by yourself if you aren’t staying in a hotel. 

It takes about 2 hours to drive from Melbourne to Philip Island so I timed it around Harvey’s nap so it wouldn’t get too boring for him.



  1. Hanging about the resort and listening to the nature

We spent lots of our time at the park and exploring the place.

Harvey help me cook pancakes for breakfast and Pizza for dinner.

Of course I had packed Busy bags full of activities to occupy Harvey while I was cleaning and getting stuff ready for us and some down time with iPad when we had enough of each other 😊

  1. Penguin Parade

Of course, the Penguin parade was the main attraction in Philip Island. We booked the underground spot-which I would recommend as we can see the penguins at eye level and very closed up.  We got there about an hour earlier than the ticketed time to avoid traffic on the road and get a prime spot parking.  The penguins came in to shore around 8:30pm which way past Harvey’s bed time.  I must say that I was so proud of Harvey’s patient and how we keep ourselves occupied in one spot as we don’t want to lose the view.  There were no cameras around so hopefully, Harvey remembers it!


  1. Amaze ‘N Things

Amaze N Things is another fun place to go and you can occupy about two hours there.  However, the place suits older kids probably more like 5 years and over.  There are some cool rooms like the Time Machine and Scary house (which I didn’t take Harvey in to).  There is also Rope Climbing which Harvey would love and a mini golf course.  All these activities will need to be another time with Daddy.

Harvey got scared at first when we first walked into the first room walking through, because of the surprise flashlight and sounds that came on as we walked in.  He ran outside, cracked it and refused to go back in – Poor little guy.  Luckily there was another group of family with a young girl after us, so I carried him and tagged along in their group.  We had some fun in the end 😊

  1. Chocolate Factory

How could we not go!  We dropped by the factory on our way back home to Melbourne.

We had lunch, some yummy chocolate and then made our way back home.  Of course, I timed it around Harvey’s nap again to avoid boredom and also to ensure a sane drive for myself 😊

We ended our trip with a night at the Pan Pacific hotel and had a luxury night stay with room service and a wee shopping (for mama 😉).  I love Mama and Son time.

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