I have found that raising a child is like doing a postgraduate degree, where constant learning, research and practical experiments are required and of course, homework!  You really want to succeed and achieve successful results.

The Harvey Karuna Method will focus on Harvey’s life with particular attention to Feeding, Sleeping and Achievement of Milestones right from birth.

The experiments require great teamwork to facilitate successful parenting. We must also maintain our previously existing roles of wife and husband.  We believe that in order to be successful parents, we must first be happy with ourselves as individuals and as a couple, keeping our love banks full.  With this in place we are ready to bring up a new life form – our little ‘Harvey


JAZ: Father

A talented musician, an awesome I.T by day and a car lover.  Looks forward to enjoy bringing up Harvey.


MAI:  Mother

A scientist background who has recently moved into the world of I.T.  Has never been a fan of babies or children but looks forward to the continuous challenges of raising Harvey.


SON:  Harvey

The product of Jaz & Mai.   New to the world and unable to survive on his own.  Require a substantial amount of love, care and guidance in order to thrive in this world.


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