Harvey’s First Food

After consulting and agreeing with Jaz on the approach we would like to take with Harvey’s solids, we were more than ready to give this new experiment a go. We decided to introduce solids to Harvey right on 4th months of age (Notes: Solid should not be introduced to an infant prior to 24 weeks)
Avocado was our first choice as there was no preparation required.   We didn’t expect Harvey to take in the food at all but he exceeded our expectations.  Like most babies when first introduced to solids, the facial expressions and reactions were definitely entertaining and a MUST to capture on video.  Harvey wasn’t sure of the avocado but was not totally against the idea.  He definitely had taken some avocado and even a good sip of water.  It took Harvey about 3 days to understand the concept of solids and by day 4, Harvey started to enjoy the food and there was no turning back!!!!
Preparation for Harvey's first solid
Preparation for Harvey’s first solid

Once Harvey became familiar with solids, I started to increase the variety of the food with particular attention to the amount of iron as the amount of iron in baby’s body depletes around 4-6 months (For more Iron Info Click here)  This was when the fun began and where one of my key personal strength comes into handy – Organisation!  Our freezer has been stocked up with all Harvey’s food from my batch cooking.  There are always key ingredients handy for last minute meals if required.

We try to encourage Harvey to drink from a cup since he has started on his solids.  After reading all the reviews I decided to purchase the Doidy cup.  It was a success and Harvey has no issue drinking from the cup and in fact he enjoys it.  It can be messy because it is an open cup but we all know that introducing solids comes with mess.  So I hope you all are prepared 🙂

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