Leap 9: The World of Principles

Starts between 591/2 – 64 1/2 weeks

Harvey’s Week: 30/03/2016- 04/05/2016


Summary of leap 9:  Toddler has started to apply all learned from the previous leaps and becomes more skilful with things and language.  He also starts to be nagging, demanding, negotiating.  This is definitely the time when toddler is yearning for some boundaries and ground rules.  He is looking to familiarise himself with them – and with some luck we can avoid the so called “terrible twos”.

After this leap, Harvey:

  • Became more independent and has developed a strong mind of his own.  He always wants to do things himself such as feeding himself.
  • Learned how to negotiate and protesting if he does not want to do something
  • Understanding “mine” and “yours” and occasionally sharing
  • Started throwing tantrums and challenging us if he strongly wanted  to do something he is not allowed to do
  • Will understand that there is are consequences for bad behaviour

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