Science Activities: Earth Science

How could we get Harvey away from his planets obsession?  It has certainly been a challenge! Anything that we can use to distract Harvey from space and the planets, even for a small amount of time, is ideal for us.  I decided to introduce Harvey to the Earth’s atmosphere and Moon Phase & Volcanoes.

Earth’s atmosphere

I saw this idea from nitty gritty science and thought it should work.  Jaz & I are visual people and I think that if  we made a physical 3D version, Harvey should find it more interesting.  Firstly, I showed Harvey a YouTube video of the earth’s atmosphere.  Next, we had get into the Art & Crafts when creating our atmosphere model.  Once we finished creating the earth’s atmosphere layers, Harvey & I had our pretend to blast off in our rockets through each layer of the earth atmosphere until we finally reached space…. and then the whole planet obsession began AGAIN!

Moon Phase & Volcanoes

Since the moon is probably the most interesting object in the night sky for Harvey, so we decided to introduce the lunar cycle to Harvey.  Both Jaz & I are also learning as we go along here too!  I had no clue in what the name for each phase was except Full moon and half moon, but now we all know them all from a Waxing Gibbous to a Waning Crescent.

Lastly, volcanoes was another fun and engaging activity for toddlers.  Firstly, we did some quick art & craft.  Then we used kinetic sand and of course the good old bicabonate, vinegar and food colouring.

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