Milestones: Sixth to Ninth months

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Harvey’s 7th Month

  • Learn how to hold finger foods and feeding himself

  • Reach for toys or try to get to toy which is out of his reach

  • Complains during nappy changes and very wiggly

  • has worked out how to get our attention

 8th Month

  • Can look and find hidden toys

  • Loves playing hide and seek

  • Very sociable and babbles like a conversation

  • Finally has his first bottom tooth

9th Month

  • Starts to know when he is being mischievious and is in trouble

  • Love throwing things

  • enjoys feeding himself with finger food

Achieved ahead expected timeframe:

  • Successfully stood up at 7th months (31 weeks)

  • Going crazy trying to balance himself and starting to use his feet at 8th months (37 weeks)

  • Trying to walk with the aid of pusher toys at 9th months

Did not achieve within expected timeframe:

None. Harvey was on track with his developments

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