Twelth to Twenty Four Months: Harvey’s Language Developement

Jaz and I were astounded by the “The birth of a word” Ted Talk from Deb Roy.  I didn’t realise on how much we developed and built such a foundation in the first three years of our lives.  I would love to spend more time researching and devoting myself to do more research on our son.  However, there is just not enough time in the day to include this with my current daily schedule.  So we tried to capture these moments as much as we could and of course some of the great moments we were only able to capture in our memories 🙂

If you recall, we captured Harvey’s first nine months of development in “Harvey’s Journey: First Nine Months“.  He took 8 steps on Christmas day 2015 and mastered his walking just after New Year 2016 Milestones: Nine to Twelfth Months.

Here’s a quick journey to Harvey’s language development 🙂   ‘NO’ was definitely his favourite word but it is one of those moments that we were not able to capture yet.  However, just before Christmas 2016 – Harvey has finally been able to respond with a clear ‘Yeah/Yes’….


Interesting Read

  1. Hitting Language Development Milestones
  2. Brown’s Stages of Syntactic and Morphological Development


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