Leap 5: The World of Relationships

Starts between 22 1/2 – 26 1/2 weeks

Harvey’s Week: 15/07/2015-12/08/2015


Summary of leap 5: Baby starts to be able to tell the relationships between things including distance between the things that make up his world.  This is often when separation anxiety sets in if you are away from him as the baby can feel the isolated.

After this leap, Harvey:

  • threw and banged on items to see their contents

  • pulls up to the standing position with little help

  • makes lot of noise and loves partying with his mobile toy in the middle of the night

Note:  Harvey is able to roll both ways.  He started commando crawling and gets up on all fours.  He starts to sitting himself up unassisted.  Harvey did not have a separation anxiety issue.

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