Milestones Tracking

It has been amazing to see how quickly a helpless newborn has developed into an active toddler.  It takes around 12 months for baby to undergo this transformation.  A guide to baby’s development helps new parents set an expectation to what baby is able to do at a particular point in time, and when to be concerned if such development is delayed.  It is important however, to remember that although the development sequence is generally consistent, every baby is individual and will develop in there own phases.  If you have any concern, consult your baby’s healthcare professional.

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As new parents, we decided to track Harvey’s development to ensure that he was on track and watched for any signs of developmental delay.  It has been very fun watching Harvey master his new skills although at times I have found his “concentration noise” somewhat annoying 🙂  However, thanks to information learned from “The Wonder Weeks” I was prepared and understood what was Harvey trying to do.  Instead of getting annoyed at him, I was able to encourage him during these times.

Click here for our own summary of Harvey’s milestones tracking




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