Leap 8: The world of programs


Starts between 50 1/2 – 54 1/2 weeks

Harvey’s Week: 21/01/2016-23/02/2016


Summary of leap 8:  Baby has evolved from the world of sequences and has become more aware of individual actions and the flow on effects rather than the usual repetition.  He simply is able to understand what the simple programs of everyday life entail.

After this leap, Harvey:

  • Picks up a chalk to draw on his chalk board

  • Examines how Mum and Dad do things – e.g. during cooking

  • Puts toys away and is more vocal for things he wants or wants to do

  • Understand getting dressed as an activity

  • Loves painting

Note:  Harvey was effected quite a fair bit while going through this leap.  He  was very clingy and rebelled massively before his bed time.  He also experienced a separation anxiety issue.

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