Milestones: Third To Sixth Months

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 Harvey’s 4th Month

  • Turn to voices

  • Laugh out loud and becoming more social

  • Lifts his head to around 90 degrees when lying on his tummy

  • Babbles regularly

  • Rolls one way (to the right) but not the other

 5th Month

  • Holds his head steady when in an upright position

  • When lying on his tummy, lifts his chest up and uses arms for support

  • When lying on his back, reaches, holding on and playing with his feet

  • Focuses his eyes on small subjects and reaches for them

  • Dribbles more

6th Month

  • Sits unsupported

  • Rolls both ways

  • Really starts babbling

  • Grasps and shakes a rattle

  • Bounces or stands while being supported on your lap

Achieved ahead expected timeframe:

  • Really start babbling and sounded like ‘dada’ ‘daddy’ ‘maaa’= 23 weeks

  • Commando crawling = 23 weeks

  • Begins to use all fours when crawling with a 10% success rate at around 28 weeks.  By 29 weeks, Harvey had mastered crawling – and there was no turning back

  • Harvey seems to be ahead in his babbling/speech!   High pitch, talking to his Mickey (teddy), chatting away by himself in bed – especially early mornings. He loves to party by himself!

  • Able to pull himself to sit up 5% of the time = 28 weeks

Did not achieve within expected timeframe:

None. Harvey was on track with his developments

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