Milestones: The First Three Months

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Harvey’s First Month

  • Lifts head

  • Responds to sound

  • Focus on someone’s faces at about 20-30cm away

  • Show signs of smiling

  • Still displays his sucking and grasping reflexes

 2nd Month

  • Vocalises sounds – gurgling and cooing

  • When lying on his back, holds head in the midline to look at toys or mobile overhead

  • Smiles responsively

  • Turn towards sounds

  • Reaches out and touch things with his hands

 3rd Month

  • Brings both hands together when lying on their back

  • Has better head control when sitting

  • Follows an objects when it held around 15cm from his face and moves side to side around 180 degrees.

  • Makes attempts and shows interest in grasping objects

  • Creates more organised movements-starting to learn how to control their arms and swipe at objects

  • Really enjoys bath

Achieved ahead expected timeframe:

  • Show sign of smiling = 2nd weeks
  • Make cooing noise = 2nd/3rd weeks
  • Really enjoys the bath time

Did not achieve within expected timeframe:

  • Hold head in the midline to look at toys and reach out to touch things with hands = 10 weeks

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