April Fun 2016

Harvey had lots of excursions in April.  We went to the Melbourne aquarium, High TeaDog Lovers Show and really enjoy Daddy’s chocolate banana crepes!  Here are some highlights 🙂

A visit to Melbourne Aquarium

Harvey was somewhat engaged in the place, though we thought he would show more interest.   Both Jaz and I only thought it was okay but we would not rate it a must-do.  The place was overpriced, though with our entertainment book voucher (2 for 1) it was worthwhile.  The most exciting part of the aquarium was the penguins and the under-sea glass corridor.

After the aquarium, we decided to go for a walk along the Southbank, watching “copter” (helicopter) take off and grab some ice-coffee as the weather was fantastic before we took a tram home.


High Tea at the Langham

This was Harvey’s third high tea and this time he was able to have his favourite babyccino.  Harvey was a bit more handful as his morning routine was interrupted and he didn’t have enough sleep.  So we did give him a bit of youtube time towards the end to quiet down as I don’t think it would be fair to the other guests. He was fast asleep after we put him in the pram and made our way home.

Dog Lovers Show

Harvey went to the dog lovers show since last year and we thought he would enjoy it as he always get excited whenever he sees dogs.  The experience is definitely different this time as Harvey is now a toddler who likes to walk and explore.  The place was very crowded and it was a bit harder for Harvey to walk around amongst the crowd.  He definitely enjoyed saying ‘hello’ to doggies and play with them, though we think it would be more fun for him next year.


Dad’s famous Crepes

And this pic says it all… our son has definitely discovered the love of chocolate!!!

yummmmm- Crepes!!!!!

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