From cot to bed – He is growing up

The transition stage came into my mind when I saw how tall Harvey was when he was standing there, bouncing in his cot.  While we still put him in his sleeping bag – chances are, he would soon be able to climb out from his bed.

In addition, Harvey has been sleeping on just a mattress for a while during his day nap childcare, so we thought if he is fine with it at childcare, why not apply the same to home.

We first attempted to transition Harvey from cot to bed when he was about 15 months old.  The result was unsuccessful as Harvey was sick around the same time along with the rest of the Thomson’s household. We abandoned for now..

Then when he reached 18th months, we decided to start transitioning him again.  We set a trial timeframe to be one week and if unsuccessful, we will revert him back to the cot again.  Surprisingly, it took us only one day!

After a few attention seeking crying/micro controlled crying from us….Harvey simply went to sleep on his own 🙂

So how we did transition Harvey from cot to bed?

Of course, thanks to Google…I jumped on the net and began my research.  The below websites contain useful and relevant information:

I was most worried about SIDs – so we decided to invest in a wifi night vision camera (product details here).  It was around $100 and honestly, we wish we had this right back from when Harvey was born!  I would include this as a part of first year essential items if you can afford it.

Steps to Harvey’s transition:

  • All we did was simply move mattress out from the cot and place it on the floor.
  • Remove cot from the bedroom
  • Follow his normal bedtime routine
  • Apply a little bit of responsive crying method
  • Monitor him from our night vision camera

…. and we have a Happy Toddler in his own mattress 🙂

The next step is the fun part for us as parents as we will be shopping for Harvey’s new bed.  It would be fun if Harvey is able to pick the bed he wants but that is a little while away.  Until then, we just have to make that choice for him.

Below are some snapshots of Harvey’s sleep locations from our night vision camera.  It is entertaining to watch him wriggling around in his sleep.  Like seriously – how the heck did he end up to those positions!

Happy finding Harvey 🙂

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