High Coffee-Father’s Day 2015

Although Jaz and I do not celebrate mother’s & father’s day, it just happened that I booked us a “high coffee” at the Intercontinental Hotel three months in advance without realising that it was a Father’s day.  High Coffee/High Tea is a lovely way to spend an afternoon outing with the family.  It is non weather-dependent and very relaxing while you are in there.

The high coffee was a non-buffet style which we like as we didn’t have to take turns in getting the food and were able to spend more time chatting and enjoying the family time.  Harvey as always, behaved himself nicely.  He even joined us for some scones and managed to find a background mirror to entertain himself.

The two hour session was the right amount of time with a baby.  We left after hour an a half as Harvey seemed to have enough (and out of curtesy to the other guests).   It is important to consider other people in this sort of environment as it would not be fair for other customers to have to put up with a cranky baby.  Overall it was a successful Sunday 🙂

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