Swimming: Water Babies Program

Harvey is getting ready for his first swimming lesson
Harvey is getting ready for his first swimming lesson

We waited until Harvey had reached his six months old to start swimming lessons.  He is enrolled at the Melbourne Sport Aquatic Centre (MSAC) swim school for the early Water Babies session.

Harvey and Mum
Harvey and Mum enjoying the water

The class has so far been worthwhile and has made us more confident around the water with Harvey.  The difference between taking Harvey to the pool ourselves and actually attending the class is that the instructor has us doing far more adventurous activity than we would have done outside of class.  For example, putting Harvey completely under water, or positioning him in ways that he can use the right muscle groups to interact with the water.

We both take turns going in the water with Harvey so we can learn the material and practice them together with Harvey.  It is definitely good to have the a parent/help outside the pool to assist with changing after the lesson.

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