High Tea – Father’s Day 2016

We had another high-tea for Father’s day in 2016.  For some reason, planning high tea with Harvey seems to be coincide with Father’s day.  So I think we will make this to Jaz, Mai & Harv for our Father’s day tradition.

This year we went to Zumbo Cafe in South Yarra.  Jaz’s Mum has organised this.  The cafe is own by one of the Australian famous patisserie chef.  Although I actually had not heard of him before even though he was on the TV!

The cafe was stylish and the presentation of the food was interesting – though only average in flavour.  Different to the normal high tea at a hotel though!

Harvey of course enjoyed himself.  He discovered chocolate back in Easter so the high tea was like heaven to him 🙂 It was lovely for Jaz to spend time with his Dad too.


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