Harvey’s First Planets

Harvey loves learning about the Planets and the Earth’s continents.

When he quickly mastered the continents of the world, we thought we’d introduce him to the planets.  What is a better way to do that than actually create the planets ourselves.  It was a simple one hour activity for the whole family, fun and not to mention educational 🙂


  1. 2 x A3 size paper for space (we chose black)
  2. Different coloured paper
  3. Different size of drinking glasses (or round things) to create different circles
  4. Child safe glue / glue stick etc..
  5. Sticky tape
  6. Scissors
  7. Glitter


  1. Daddy (or Diddy as he calls him) had Harvey started off by cutting different sizes of circle using the rim of glasses
  2. Meanwhile Mumma joined the 2 x A3 papers together to form the outer space of our solar system.
  3. Once we had all the circles/planets ready, it was time to get dirty and glue them down to our space.
  4. We gave Saturn a ring by cutting one from paper
  5. Once we had all the planets down it was glittere time!

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