Day out with Thomas – Queenscliff Station

I was hoping that Harvey would not get into Thomas & Friends but we failed BADLY.  He got mad on it just before he turned two.  So when I saw the ads for “A Day Out With Thomas” – how could I not organise the trip for the family.

We started our day really early – 6:15am wake up and out the door by 7.  Harvey was excited of course, I laid out 3 Thomas T-shirts for him to choose from, which had been sent by his GreatAunt & GreatUncle from the UK.  We got dressed, brushed our teeth, had pro-biotic and off we went.

Queenscliff is around 1.5. hours from where we live which is a bit of a drive for a little excited boy – but luckily we had Thomas & Friends playing in the background which made things go faster and get us all in the mood.  Unfortunately, Harvey had a little bit of hiccup just 40mins to the destination when he threw up his babychino on himself and we had to make an emergency stop to clean up.  Luckily there were good public toilets nearby and a 24 hour K-Mart to replace his wet smelly pants!

Lesson leant:  1. No babycino’s during car rides 2. Always pack FULL set of spare clothes

As we were running out of time, instead of having a nice breakfast out, we just grabbed some bakery food along the way and headed off again and were soon at our destination.

Weather couldn’t be more horrible but did nothing to stop Harvey’s excitement.  There were showbags, little activities, movies and even a full size Henry – who was parked for Harvey to explore.

We got on the train ride pulled by Oliver at 10:30am and the Fat controller came to our carriage to say “Hello”.  The train ride was about 45 minutes which was a good length for Jaz and I.  Harvey enjoyed it very much and there was lots to look at.

Also at the event was Thomas and the troublesome trucks ride, through we didn’t go on him and just decided on some photos instead.  After this we concluded our successful Day Out With Thomas.

Harvey was definitely amazed at how his wooden characters came to life.  To finish our day off, we went to our close friends house for dinner who gave Harvey a belated birthday present.  This two year old couldn’t be more happy as he was received the last member to complete his wooden Thomas crew, “Henry”!

What a fun day we all had 🙂

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