We are going to the Zoo….

Finally, it was time to introduce Harvey to the zoo… We didn’t want to take hime when he was a baby as we felt it would be a waste of time as Harvey would not be able to express himself fully.  Jaz and I noticed Harvey was becoming much more alert with the surrounding and his speech development had increased drastically since he was 20 months old.  He was able to call out most of the animals from the books and what he saw on the T.V.  Hence we decided it is time and let’s give this a go!

It was a sunny 30 degree day when we headed to the zoo, a little bit too hot but not too bad.  We timed our arrival right after Harvey’s day nap which usually either before or after lunch.  We got there around lunch time and the Zoo was surprisingly busy.


Harvey was super excited once we got through the entrance, he couldn’t wait to get off his stroller and started to explore the surroundings.  Our first stop was the monkeys area – of course the first word came out from him when we got there was “Monkey”!!

We look around the monkeys for about 20 minutes and then it was time for lunch as Mamma and Daddy were hungry.  This time we didn’t pack our picnic like when we went to Healesville Sanctuary in Easter 2016 – and the zoo food is definitely very pricey and not that great but we managed to find some healthy stuff to munch away on.



Once we were fueled up, the next stop for us was the elephant area or “Chang” as Harvey knows it in Thai 🙂

There were lots for Harvey to explore and we saw nearly everything.  We spent about 3 hours there and had pretty much had enough.  A quick snack of ice-cream and headed off home to get ready for the week.


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