Toddler Manners

Manners is something that Jaz & I both feel strongly about.  We had both noticed that in both work environments, the general public, to some friends and family, many people don’t use the word “Please” and “Thank you”.  Such simple words, yet so often missed.

Jaz and I have been very strict with Harvey on this matter.  It was easy to set a good example, as for us manners have always been one of the key elements of our household and relationships.  As such, Harvey growing up in this environment meant that he picked up and applied this to himself.  In addition, Harvey’s childcare is also big on manners.

When I dropped Harvey off to child care one morning recently, one of the staff asked him:

“Harvey – Do you want Breakfast?

“No” – Said Harvey

“No-Thank You”- Said both the Staff member AND me.

The Staff & I looked at each other and laughed.  I thanked her for challenging him, as this was consistent with our home environment.

We have noticed that Harvey’s manners have been outstanding lately, which we hope will continue moving forward.   Here’s a clip after Harvey during and after his meal time.  [note: apparently, Harvey also uses his manners when he went to stay over at his Nana & Pa’s house.  Proud parents as always :)]

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