We have noticed that Harvey’s swimming has improved a lot over the past few months.  He is definitely loves the water and really enjoys going to the pool.  He especially loved it during our winter get away.  He is a little TOO confident in water though, which does give us a bit of a concern.

Today at his swim class, Harvey was able to relax and float by himself on his back for over 5 seconds.  Yes, 5 seconds may seem minimal but for 31 month old it is pretty impressive.  This is a survival skill his teacher is trying to teach as part of her class, but in any case she was impressed and used Harvey for demonstration.  l will definitely capture some video when I can next time.

He is also improving his general swim technique such as kicking and arms/head position – here is a recent video we captured.

Refer to these links if you wish to see Harvey’s first and second year progress Swimming: Water Babies Program and Swimming: Water Babies Program -Level 1

Again all credit goes to Jaz here – Harvey’s world’s best Daddy.  His consistency over the pas 2 years has been great – even on super cold winter mornings and sometime a bit hung over they will still go.  The Sunday father and son bonding time has also extended now with a regular morning coffee date afterwards 🙂

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