Swimming: Water Babies Program -Level 1

Even though Harvey missed a large number of swim classes this year (especially in term 1 where he was absent the majority of the term), he has made excellent progress with his swimming.  We can tell that he really looks forward of getting to the pool and throughly enjoys himself during his class time.  He is very comfortable in the water and not too afraid to go underneath or jump into water.

It is definitely a credit to Jaz for his consistency in taking Harvey there early on Sunday mornings.  It is definitely father and son bonding and  they both enjoy themselves and do I enjoy listening to Jaz telling me how great our son was/how much well he did during his class.  Proud parents for sure 🙂

Here are some clips i took when I went to watch my big and little boys during class.  Big different to last year video taken when he first started Swimming: Water Babies Program

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